Electric car on charge

Different Types of Electric cars and Hybrids

Given the number of companies currently developing electric and hybrid vehicles, it’s clear that this is where the future of motoring lies.  These incredible cars have the ability to revolutionize the way we use transport, reducing the world’s dependency on fuels like petrol, and offering a much more economical and environmentally friendly way to get […]

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Walk to School Campaign

The Walk to School campaign encourages pupils to walk to school more often. The campaign includes the popular Walk on Wednesday (WOW) scheme, which helps to promote regular walking among pupils. You and your child can also take part in Walk to School Week (usually held in May) and International Walk to School Month (usually […]

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Walking Buses

The Walking Bus scheme is a safe and healthy way for groups of children to walk to and from school. Each walking bus has an adult ‘driver’ at the front and an adult ‘conductor’ at the rear. The children walk along a set route picking up ‘passengers’ at planned ‘bus stops’ along the way. The […]

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