If at all feasible, it’s recommended that your child walks or cycles to school. Not only does it help to keep your child healthy but it’s also good for the environment. Furthermore, by accompanying your children, you too can also enjoy the same health benefits. If you are unable to join them, the there may well be schemes that exist to help them get there safely.

Amongst the numerous benefits of walking or cycling to school, it is good for both you and your child because:

  • the added exercise will improve their health, stamina and energy and reduce the risk of health problems
  • it teaches children to travel independently
  • more people walking and cycling means fewer cars on the road and therefore less pollution
  • it can free you up to do other things (if you don’t walk with them)

Walking to school safely

Ensuring that your child is safe is paramount. Since you may not always be able to walk to school with your child, or if your child is too young or just don’t want to go to school alone then there are travel alternatives like the Walking Bus scheme.